Auckland Health Care Facilities – What Suburbs Are They In?

Auckland is known within the medical community as a real hub of health care recruitment. With a mix of large public and private institutions all requiring a substantial number of qualified professionals; it is a prime destination for those in the health sector. No matter your specialisation or particular area of interest, there will almost always be a health care organisation in the region that will provide you with a stimulating working environment.This is not to say that the city is all work and no play! Consistently rated as one of the most liveable cities in the world, Auckland is a sprawling collection of diverse suburbs and communities, flanked by beautiful coastlines and scenic vistas. Within the isthmus is an eclectic mix of cultures and living environments, each with their own opportunities for advancement in the health care sector. It’s no wonder then that recruitment of health care professionals in Auckland is so pronounced.The region’s largest hospital is the aptly named ‘Auckland City Hospital’, which is situated in the suburb of Grafton. The hospital houses all manner of surgical and medical wards, providing a range of services across the health care profession. Geographically, its Grafton location is on the fringes of the main centre of Auckland city, nestled between a number of its most popular neighbouring suburbs. Grafton offers convenient access to the domain, with its lush green surroundings, winter gardens and the revamped museum. The nearby area of Newmarket contains some of the best shopping in Auckland, and has become a focal point for the public transport network.For health care recruitment in paediatrics, Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital is the largest provider. This distinctive pink and blue building is located next to the City Hospital, creating a dedicated medical district of sorts. For this reason, Grafton has become suburb of choice of health care professionals. Not far behind is Greenlane, which has a similar feel by virtue of its park surroundings and convenient city-adjacent location. Here you will find the Greenlane Clinical Centre, and National Women’s Hospital. These organisations tend to be especially interested in the recruitment of cardiologists, radiologists, nurses, midwives, and professionals who can add to the quality of health care in Auckland.Not far from Grafton is the suburb of Epsom, which contains the private out patient hospital Mercy Ascot. For those looking to work outside of the public sector, this is a popular destination thanks to the quality of the facilities and the mix of suburban tranquillity and big city vibrancy that Epsom provides. This last point really sums up the driving force behind health care recruitment in Auckland; the unique combination of lifestyle and quality medical facilities makes it a location like no other.

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